Giroux Family Farms

Eggs from our family to yours.

Giroux’s Poultry is a fully vertically integrated, fourth-generation family farm that has been in business in New York’s North Country for almost 100 years. We provide local eggs to a customer base in New York and across New England.

Our History
It’s a closed loop kind of thing

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the loop.

What makes us unique is that our farming practices come full circle. We use the composted manure from our hens to fertilize the corn that feeds them. Every step of the way, from our corn being grown and milled on site, to packaging and shipping of the final products, is done in house and locally.

We have high eggs-pectations.

We are located in the rural Champlain valley in Upstate NY, nestled between the Adirondack and Green mountains. Our market area is local to us in New York and New England. Our family has lived and worked in the Champlain valley for over a century, and we always strive to take care of our local environment and farm responsibly for future generations.

At times we can be a little corny.

We grow our corn for our hens right here in the Champlain valley, then process and mill it all on site. We truck all of our own ingredients in, sourcing them as locally as possible. We utilize responsible farming practices such as minimal till and maintain soil health by using our own composted manure as fertilizer.

We’re no dog in a chicken show.

We believe in taking care of our hens so that they will take care of us – happy hens produce safe and nutritious eggs. We are one of the top cage free producers in New York State, where we have been a pioneer of cage-free egg production in our industry. We partner with third party animal welfare groups including United Egg Producers and American Humane to audit our practices and continue our commitment to the safest, cleanest, and happiest environment for our birds.

We make and sell our own fertilizer.

We use our hen’s composted manure to fertilize our crop that feeds our chickens. In addition, we also turn it into an OMRI (Organic material reviewed institute) fertilizer product that we sell, suitable for organic farming. Please contact us if you are interested in our fertilizer product.

A name you
can trust.

Our families have been residents of the Champlain Valley for over 100 years, and we strive to be good stewards of the land and our environment. We recognize that we are responsible for everything that goes into the land, and comes out of it. Click here to read more about our farming values.

Our Values
Family owned and operated since 1929

We’re as chick
as thieves.

Our family has a long history in farming. Wilfred Giroux started farming in 1929 with dairy cattle and a small poultry flock. In 1960, his son Roger sold the cows to focus on the egg business, and had a small truck route selling eggs and dressed chicken.

The farm was then passed down to his sons, Craig and Willie Giroux, who have expanded the business to what it is today. We currently have both the third and fourth generation family members working on the farm.

Our History

A step above
the roost.

We work hard all year round to provide safe, nutritious eggs. Read below for more detail about our specific products.

Cage free white eggs
  • 100% vegetarian fed
  • Available in all sizes
Cage free brown eggs
  • 100% vegetarian fed
  • Available in all sizes
Omega 3 eggs
  • Excellent source of Omega 3 – 200 mg per egg!
  • Cage Free eggs
Classic white
  • Available in all sizes
Classic brown
  • Available in all sizes

We’ve got the
best fertilizer.

We turn our hens’ manure into both compost and an OMRI approved fertilizer product. We have both Pellets and crumbles for sale that are suitable for organic farming. Our fertilizer improves soil health by increasing organic matter and microbe activity. It is high in calcium to help build healthy plant cell membranes and is an excellent source of slow-release nitrogen.

Our Products

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read all about it!

At Giroux’s Poultry, we believe that our people are our greatest resource and are always looking for people to join our team! We have jobs currently available in all locations. Click here if you are interested in learning more about our job postings.