Our History

Eggs from our family to yours.

Giroux’s Poultry is a fourth-generation family farm that has been in business in New York’s North Country for almost 100 years. Today, we provide local eggs to a customer base in New York and across New England.

In 1929, Wilfred Giroux started farming with dairy cows and laying hens, selling eggs and dressed chickens along a local truck route. Wilfred’s son, Roger Giroux, took over in 1960, and sold the cows to focus on laying hens. From there, Roger grew the business both by vertically integrating and diversifying its products. In 1995, we established Giroux Grain Farms, and began growing corn to produce feed for our hens. We further diversified in 2010 by purchasing Chazy Orchards and adding apples to our repertoire. Today, Roger’s sons, Craig and Willie Giroux, run the business and have welcomed five members of the fourth generation; Helen, Corine, Brett, Cameron, and Ely, into the business.

Our Story

Family owned and operated for 93 years.


Wilfred Giroux begins farming with dairy cows and laying hens.


Wilfred’s son, Roger takes over and pivots focus to laying hens.


Giroux Grain Farms is established and begins growing corn to feed the hens.


Chazy Orchards is purchased and apples are added to the Giroux family repertoire.

Present Day

Roger’s sons, Craig and Willie, run Giroux’s Family Farms, and have welcomed five members of the fourth generation into the business.

A name you can trust.

Our families have been residents of the Champlain Valley for over 100 years, and we strive to be good stewards of the land and our environment. We recognize that we are responsible for everything that goes into the land, and comes out of it. Click here to read more about our farming values.

Our Values