Our Values

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Our families have been farming in the Champlain Valley for over 100 years. We always try to take care of the land we farm on, the birds that lay our eggs, and the community we live in.

Our Environment

In an effort towards sustainable farming.

We always strive to be good stewards of the land and our environment. We recognize that we are responsible for everything that goes in to the land, and everything that comes out of it.

Our efforts to be good stewards of the environment include:

  1. Caring for our natural ecosystems and the soil
    • Upkeeping wetlands that surround and are part of our farm to maintain natural ecosystems and biodiversity of the Champlain Valley
    • Practicing minimal tillage on all of our land, leaving a 50% residue of corn stalks on the surface of the soil, which helps to maintain the organic matter of the soil and reduces soil erosion.
    • Formulating feed for our chickens with Phosphorus reduction in mind, reducing the amount of phosphorus released into the environment
  2. Reducing our waste
    • We compost 50% of our poultry’s manure and use it to fertilize our corn crop.
      • This compost improves the nutrient content and biodiversity of the soil, and prevents soil erosion of our fields.
      • The remainder of manure produced is dried, pelletized, and crumbled into an Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) certified product that is sold and shipped to local farmers, supporting our partners in the Champlain valley and beyond
    • Sourcing environmentally friendly packaging, including cartons sourced from recycled plastic, and pulp cartons recycled from newsprint
  3. Reducing our carbon footprint
    • Growing 75% of the corn needed to feed our birds locally
      • All the corn grown for our needs is farmed within 20 miles of our feed mill and farm here in the Champlain Valley. We conserve the fuel, and save the freight of hauling corn from the grain belts in the Midwest.
    • 100% of lighting in our chicken houses has been converted to low energy LED lighting
Our birds

We give them the best and in return they do too.

We believe in taking care of our hens so that they will take care of us. Healthy and happy hens produce high quality and nutritious eggs.

We are one of the top cage free producers in New York State, where we have been a pioneer of cage-free egg production in our industry. Our cage free hens are able to express all their natural behaviors in our environmentally controlled barns, where we are committed to the safest and happiest environment for them.

We partner with third party animal welfare groups including United Egg Producers and American Humane to audit our practices and ensure our commitment to animal welfare. We even have a full time, on staff veterinarian who makes the health of our hens a top priority.


Here you grow.

The champlain valley is located in Northeastern NY, Vermont, and part of Quebec on the shores of Lake Champlain between the Adirondack and the Green Mountains. The Valley takes it name from lake champlain, which drains north by the Richelieu River into the St. Lawrence River. It is rich in history – from centuries of being the home of Native American cultures, to colonial American history – including being a battleground between the British and Colonies in the war of 1812. Today, the valley is rich in agriculture and natural beauty, and we are proud that our family has been habitating and farming in it for over a century.

Our Community

Paying it forward

We feel strongly about giving back to our North Country community that has supported our family for generations. We are actively engaged in our community, and have supported a number of local organizations over the years through both food donations and monetary contributions.

Awards and recognition
  • Recipient of the Lake Champlain Farm award from the Lake Champlain Basin Program for our efforts to reduce pollution entering Lake Champlain
  • Recipient of UVM Grossman School of Business multi-generational award

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